Spiral-Bound LOVE NEVER FAILS 2019 Children's Convention Notebooks


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Pre-order spiral bound convention notebooks! We will ship in early June. Select which edition you want to order and what date your convention is so we can ensure your order reaches you in time.

You are pre-ordering the notebooks, our ship date for all pre-orders is in early June. If your convention is in May we suggest you order the download version to print yourself or locally. When ordering the spiral-bound version here, please make sure to include which month your convention is in so we can make sure your package reaches you in time.

Convention days can be very long, and sometimes listening for the word "Jehovah" in each talk, or scribbling notes on a blank notebook isn't enough to keep the young ones in your family occupied, much less paying attention all three days. It has been our family's tradition to make these notebooks each year so that everyone in the family can FULLY appreciate the information given at our spiritual banquets. My Mum made them for me, but now I have taken over the task, making them for my three younger brothers. You might have seen our work already and not have known it, I have been posting them online for years, and sending them in emails to as many friends as possible. Under the names, Ministry Gallery, Mainely Books, and Theoshare.

There are 3 different age levels ... it is up to you to decide which edition would best suite your child.

• The 'Mini' Edition (1-3 years)
For children 1-3 years of age who enjoying colouring. Featuring the artwork from our sister PaolaGa in Mexico, this notebook should have enough pages to give your little one something to do all day.

• The 'Junior' Edition (4-7 years)
With very simple assignments that can be done in any order during the day, and any time the child feels like it, depending on their attention span and energy level. There are many pictures to color in, and Bible character puzzles.

• The 'Standard' Edition (8-10+ years)
Your usual children's notebook, with various assignments for every talk, lunch activities, and regular line spacing along with some 'extra notes' space.

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In 2014 some 73,871 downloaded the convention/assembly notebooks, and this was what some of them said... (Thanks to Theoshare.com for hosting my work in the past.)

"...we truly appreciate the work that goes into all aspects of providing these great notebooks. We first started using them for our son, but then quickly say haw helpful they were for us as adults! (minus the cute pictures and word searches :)) We are so thankful that you have chosen to use your knowledge and generosity to help the rest of us! Thanks so much!"

"With four kids to prep for, we used to spend hours preparing kids notebooks for the assemblies & conventions. Now, thanks to you, it makes this a snap! With all the concerns & details related to getting a large family off to a convention, we so appreciate all the help we can get!"

"My daughter loves them and asks for them at every assembly. Thanks for your time."

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